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    Is upstox is good for IPO invest? how i can purchase ipo with upstox?

    How is upstox ipo platform for us
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    Any book recommendation

    Check out Value investing and behavioral finance by Parag Parikh. It is a good one to get you started.
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    Hello countrymen

    Hello and welcome onboard. It is time now implement what you have been researching. That makes the two of us.
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    Namaste fellow treaders

    Namaste Mohan. Welcome to the community. And yes, you are in the right place. Hope to see you around here regularly.
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    I need referral to some good online trading training platforms

    Any online trading platforms that can offer virtual currency that i can use for training? I would wish to learn the trade first before embarking no the real deal.
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    How has the pandemic affected the stock markets?

    I know most of the markets have been hit badly. But surprisingly, there have been some gainers irrespective of the situation. What is your take?
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    Hello traders

    That is great. And thank you for setting up this forum. Looking forward to a powerful engagement in here.
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    Any Trade related jobs and vacancies.

    I would be interested in any trade-related jobs. Please share them here if you find some.
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    What are charges are levied by stock broker ?

    here are list of charges levied by stock broker
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    Hello guys

    Okk welcome Hasina. Team can learn more. Make good team for this
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    Is it right time to invest in gold ending 2020?

    Suggest me better option.
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    For general chat

    Sure, this space is very important. It allows members to discuss other relevant topics.
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    Watch out this space for latest forum announcements

    Sure. Thanks, i will be checking here occasionally for updates.
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    Share your feedback and suggestions here.

    Well noted Admin, and thank you for this awesome platoform. I Like it in here already.
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    Hello guys

    Hello guys, Rajesh here. I love this forum already. I have been looking for a dedicated trading forum all over. This is exactly what I wanted. See you guys around. Happy to be here.