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zerodha offer
  1. Day trader

    Upstox running free offer last long time? can it beat zerodha in nos of customer?

    Can Upstox Beat Zerodha In Number Of Clients? After discount brokerage houses came into the market, especially Zerodha and Upstox, a major chunk of clients in the market shifted from the traditional brokerage houses to these advanced tech-first new generation brokerage houses. If you compare...
  2. Day trader

    What is any upcoming good IPO i india?

    I have read yesterday that an Indian startups collected rs 68,000 cr in this financial year through IPO. I am excited to discuss before invest and any good incoming IPO in India.
  3. Day trader

    Is mutual funds are right way for constant return ?

    How the return is delivered by mutual funds houses. what are the best funds for 2020 for constant return in this market and situation of covid19
  4. Day trader

    how many clients added by Upstox in 2020??

    2020 is very good year was for stock broker. and few discount broker like zerodha, upstox, 5paisa, fyres are most profitable this corana time and added clinets in lakhs
  5. Day trader

    Why gold is behave like corana in 2020?

  6. Day trader

    Which trading is best commodity, equity or derivatives?? in India

    I have asked this question because right now the scenario is changes gold also fluctuating much. so what will be the best investment in according to risk-reward ration