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  1. Motabhai

    Is it right time to invest in commodities ? like cruide oil, gold , silver etc ?

    At the time of Russia, Ukraine's war is continued raising in a conflict way and between talks, they are raising and damaging each other more. brent crude pricing raise above $110 is a really big worry for developing countries to handle the inflation. now it looks like world war 3 is will be...
  2. Motabhai

    How to apply for LIC IPO with zerodha ?

    If you are looking for apply online LIC IPO bids through Zerodha Demat account. then follow the following steps to apply online bid for LIC ipo THROUGH ZERODHA Visit Login with our kite user id and passwords to log in zerodha account. If you dont have zerodha demat...
  3. Motabhai

    How a investor can find help when issue not solve regarding to trading?

    Investers can resolve thier issue with broker on public grievances on nse portal, sebi scores etc by filling thier complaints on these portal will be available for investors
  4. Motabhai

    What are the better trading platform available in India for day trader?

    Here are the few top trading platform and tools available in India like kite Upstox pro Angetrade Edelweiss web
  5. Motabhai

    What type of schycology people become successful in stock market?

    Hiw you deal and response anything or way of looking about things ? Stock market is depend on thinking what we think about when and where we think about investment? we take decisions based on our thinkin About thethings and sense we receive from our mind
  6. Motabhai

    How zerodha become a most successful stock broker in India?

    hello friends, Above raised is just not one question. Its one start up which is going day by day heightof success. Recently, I heard the voice that nithin and nikhil kamath were list of top 100 richest list by fortune fobres. How Indian industry now changing them is great signal for india...
  7. Motabhai

    Can zerodha increase thier brokerage charges??

    Before few days zerodha increase thier mimnimum brokerage to 0.03% for maximum to rs 20/ trade for all intraday trades from 0.01 % as minimum brokerage charges. Its all in hads of zerodha ? Currently zerodha is more than 3 milion coustomer and zerodha no 1 stock broker.
  8. Motabhai

    How is zerodha kite over upstox pro?

    Zerodha and upstox both are best stock broker of India. however thier trading platforms havemany features which can be used to decide for choosing as per requirements. zerodha kite is very clean, easy to read and simple with rich features trading platform. kite have alll time frames of charts...
  9. Motabhai

    Is candlestick charts work for day trading?

    what time frame is best for day trading. Is candlestick charts pattrns really work for day trading? What are best time frames for day trading? What are the good patterns for day trading? how i do day trading with candle stick charts? is there any alternative for candlestick charts? where i...
  10. Motabhai

    How market movers understand schylogy of retails investors in market? How they make retail investors in loss??

    Its schology which needs to understand in stock market.
  11. Motabhai

    Doest tax apply on forex?

    Taxation is applicable only on profit or loss in trade. So i dont thing its based on transaction turn over.
  12. Motabhai

    Watch out this space for latest forum announcements

    Thanks admin. This is quite thoughtful of you. Keep us posted on what is happening in the stocks and trading industry.
  13. Motabhai

    The stock market is filled with individuals who know the price of everything, but the value of nothing.” – By Phillip Fisher

    Here, Philip Fisher meant that it is good sometimes to just go against the current, take that risk and go with it.
  14. Motabhai

    Any Job openings?

    I know the pandemic has hit the job industry hard, but i am sure, you may be having some leads. Please share any job openings you have.
  15. Motabhai

    Welcome to VIP discussion corner.

    This is a very good idea. Makes me feel special. And its a good closed community for special discussions.
  16. Motabhai

    What is your favorite trading App?

    Which is your best trading App and why?
  17. Motabhai

    I need referral to some good online trading training platforms

    Have you tried out Stock Pathshala, check it out if it fits your needs.
  18. Motabhai

    Any book recommendation

    Thanks Mohan. I will look it up ASAP.
  19. Motabhai

    How has the pandemic affected the stock markets?

    There are very few companies that have not felt the pain of the pandemic. Almost all companies were hit in one way or another. 2021 will be a year of economic recovery. Actually its a global economic recovery.
  20. Motabhai

    For general chat

    This is great. At least we have a place to cool down the pandemic heat with some general discussion.