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zerodha offer
  1. Hasina

    Can zerodha increase thier brokerage charges??

    zerodha is looking best stock stock broker now a days in india. u can open instant open account with currently fees of rs 200 for trading account and rs 350 for demat account with one year AMC. they are providing best trading platform for charting and trader tools. more than 5 miliouns people...
  2. Hasina

    How to apply IPO with fyres?

  3. Hasina

    Hw to trade in forex market

    frieds help me learn forax market
  4. Hasina

    How stock market today?

    hi everybody
  5. Hasina

    Post COVID vaccine what will price jump in crude?

    Vaccines launched in India bu two companies and emergency liecence issued by authorities. how market will react now. it was the biggest chellenge and how stock market will react now??
  6. Hasina

    What is algo trading? Should i learn automatic trading rules and software?

    Hello Now a days everybody talking about algo trading in india. There are lots if broker like zerodha , upstox offering algo facilities. But i feel still indian trader are not much comfortable with these type of advanced facility. How we can learn algo trading ? What are the advantages of...
  7. Hasina

    Is gold future under pressure? And it can be sell at this level of trading

    After making bull running now gold is running under pressure and looks slight novish. Is it right time to sell. guys discuss things here
  8. Hasina

    Is technical analysis really work all time?

    Lets share yr experience
  9. Hasina

    Should i learn both technical analysis and fundamental analysis for learn stock investing?

    Both are vast field and will take time to learn. Share me right way to learn fast stock Investing.
  10. Hasina

    Watch out this space for latest forum announcements

    Good. Looking forward to an engaging year here come next Year.
  11. Hasina

    Doest tax apply on forex?

    If i am dealing with Forex, with my transaction being restricted online, do i still need to pay taxes on my earnings?
  12. Hasina

    Covid-19 is the biggest challenge to traders, what is the way out?

    Many people sold their shares quikly in anticipation that prices will fall because of the pandemic. But surprisingly, things haven't gone south that much. Yes ther are some big losers. but at the same time, the gainers have just doubled recently.
  13. Hasina

    Hello traders

    Thank you. A humble gesture indeed. My expectation is to be a pro in trading. I want to learn how to avoid some small mistakes i have been making so far.
  14. Hasina

    For general chat

    Well said and thank you Admin. Most appreciative of your efforts.
  15. Hasina

    Any book recommendation

    You should read "Investing in India" by Rahul Sarogi It is quite on point, and the good thing is that it talks about practical things here at home. Things you can easily implement and see good results.
  16. Hasina

    I need referral to some good online trading training platforms

    Thanks for the recommendations. I also had no idea, and yet i would also like to get some refresher on trading.
  17. Hasina

    How has the pandemic affected the stock markets?

    All stocks are on the low. This years dividends are on the negative at the moment and am not seeing this improving anytime soon.
  18. Hasina

    Which loan facility is the best right now?

    With the pandemic and all the owrld tension, loan agencies have been shying away from financing businesses and startups. Which loaning facility is still working right now?
  19. Hasina

    What are some of the tips and advice you can give a novice?

    I am still gereen on matters trading. But i have mad passion for it. What are some of things to look out for as a beginner?
  20. Hasina

    Hello guys

    Welcome Rajesh. A also lerarning alot from this forum. Experience is really the best teacher.