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  1. Mohan

    How i purchased my first share with zerodha?

    How I purchased my First Share on Zerodha? Buying your first share or stock is an experience, isn’t it? When I bought my first share on Zerodha it seemed amazing to me and I felt like an investor. This is indeed a great feeling. To make this feeling a better one Zerodha has multiple options...
  2. Mohan

    What are the top picks for 2021?

    share idea,s plz
  3. Mohan

    can u update on stock broker brokerage comparison ?

    reply waiting
  4. Mohan


    nicely explained about Demat account and their charges
  5. Mohan

    How a IPO price is finalised initially

    awasome material to read
  6. Mohan

    How I do short sell a stock?

    nice article sir
  7. Mohan

    Is UPI id is compaulsory while apply ipo through zerodha?

    answer me friends about online ipo purchase. what is the easiest options available. do i also need of demat account for ipo subscribe
  8. Mohan

    How is my money when i take decision to invest in stock market?

    is the stock market is the right way to invest money where i like to sure return for my money. what is the other way of investing wherein hard earn money at the lowest risk and risk-reward ration is better in India? suggest me any good idea.
  9. Mohan

    How are banks dealing with defaulters right now?

    I believe the number of loan defaulters has just grown drastically right now. I was just wondering how the banks are dealing with such defaulters, knowing that the pandemic is still looming.
  10. Mohan

    Which loan facility is the best right now?

    Many big banks are not giving easy loan to borrowers right now. I would suggest check out with microfinance institutions.
  11. Mohan

    How has the pandemic affected the stock markets?

    True, this situation is almost permanent. It will just be like the HIV that people learnt how to live with it.
  12. Mohan

    How has the pandemic affected the stock markets?

    Well, i would say the effects has been 50 - 50. Some have enjoyed and some have been hit negatively. The service industry that had an online deliver alternative platform has benefited a lot. Also, learning institutions that had part of their courses on online platforms have benefited greatly...
  13. Mohan

    I need referral to some good online trading training platforms

    I don't know what exactly you are looking for, but IFMC have this course called Uni-directional trade strategies, not sure if it is still free to subscribers. You can check it out.
  14. Mohan

    Any book recommendation

    You should read "One up on Wall Street by Peter Lynch. Its good for beginners. Once you get the concept of the market, it will apply anywhere.
  15. Mohan

    For general chat

    Thanks for the entire platform and more so for this section. This is very important for general business discussions.
  16. Mohan

    Hello guys

    Welcome Rajesh, that makes the two of us. Hope to learn from you too in the coming days.
  17. Mohan

    Hello traders

    Thanks @admin Am glad i found this forum. his will be my project for next year. I really want to learn and invest in stocks. I know it has a steep learning curve, but am hoping it will get better with such a community.
  18. Mohan

    Hello countrymen

    Hello Motabhai and welcome to the forum. Glad to have you here. Hope to chat more soon.
  19. Mohan

    Namaste fellow treaders

    Namaste, am Mohan. An aspiring stock trader, willing to learn all the tricks and turns of stock trading. I hope am in the right place. Let's keep engaging. Am willing to learn.