Upstox running free offer last long time? can it beat zerodha in nos of customer?

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Can Upstox Beat Zerodha In Number Of Clients?

After discount brokerage houses came into the market, especially Zerodha and Upstox, a major chunk of clients in the market shifted from the traditional brokerage houses to these advanced tech-first new generation brokerage houses. If you compare the number of active client bases on traditional brokerage houses platforms and these two discount brokerage houses platforms, then you will find who is leading the game.

Now to compare between these two – Zerodha and Upstox, as of now in December 2020, the data suggests that Zerodha has almost twice the number of clients of Upstox.

As per a report that came out on the Business Today website, Zerodha currently has 26.02 lakhs of active client base while Upstox is having around 13.88 lakhs.

So, at present Zerodha is leading the game by a huge margin but the future is unpredictable and no one can say whether Upstox can beat Zerodha in the number of active client bases or not. However, both are very popular brokerage houses especially amongst the new traders and investors of today’s generation.

Both offer multiple investment options, trading platforms that are highly advanced and loaded with features for hassle-free trading.